Monday, May 15, 2006

CN2WW bientôt sur l'air - soon on the air

Je serais actif à partir du samedi 20, et jusq'au Mercredi depuis Dar Bouazza (site de CN2DX, près de Casablanca). En fonction des conditons, je suis succeptible d'être actif pendant le "King of Spain"CW contest, ou sur 6m. En dehors du contest, et si les conditions 6m ne sont pas au rendez-vous, je concentrerai mon activité sur les bandes WARC.
Je me deplacerai ensuite a Rabat, puis chez CN8SG à Kenitra, d'où je serais actif pour le WPX.
Carte QSL conventionelle via EA7FTR, ou electronique via LOTW. A bientôt sur les bandes.

I will be active starting saturday 20, until wednesday 24 from Dar-Bouazza (nr Casablanca) from CN2DX location. Depending on the condx, I may take part in the "king of spain" HF CW contest, or focus on 6m band. Outside contest, I'll focus on WARC bands. Will then move to Casablanca, and then to CN8SG's place in Kenitra from where I'll be active for the CQ WPX contest. Conventional QSL via EA7FTR, electronic confirmation via LOTW. See you on the bands.


Anonymous said...

Dr Om!

Sorry to bother you, but I need help. I'm in Rabat for a while (and will be again) and I like to get permission to do my HAM hobby. I can't find any info how to proceed to get permission.

Sorry once again, but if you can point me to some web site or person I would be thanksful.

73! Peter de OM3CPH

F6IRF said...

Hi Peter,

To get a CN2(temporary)license:
Send a letter, fax or email to

Monsieur Brahim Khadiri,
Chef de la division Autorisations et agréments, ANRT
Fax : +212 37 71 85 47

- copy of your license
- copy of your passeport
- letter of motivation, explaining the reasons for the request, the period, your address of residence in CN (the letter must be signed). You may also indicate 1 or more preference for the callsign (by default it will be CN2 and your initials)

Send a copy to the ARRAM (you will find a link to their site on my blog). If you are in Rabat, you will probably be able to use the Arram club station -CN8MC- from time to time. Contact Kacem CN8LR, at the Arram, preferably by phone (the email is not very reliable).

Regards - Patrick