Wednesday, March 28, 2007

CN5W - Dar Bouazza Contest Group

The contest stories, pictures, stats and more are on

Thursday, March 15, 2007

CN5W CQ WPX SSB - news

Callsign CN5W confirmed by ARRAM (thanks to Kacem CN8LR). Last minute change: to avoid any risk of interference with 5C8A (CN8NK, located near CN8MC) we will take part from our usual QTH in Dar Bouazza.
L'indicatif CN5W est confirmé (Merci à Kacem CN8LR). Changement de dernière minute: Afin déviter tout risque d'interferences avec 5C8A (CN8NK, situé tout près de CN8MC) , nous participerons à la partie SSB depuis notre QTH habituel de Dar Bouazza.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Results of the CQ WPX-CW 2006

The official results have been published in the march issue of CQ. The World top scores, and the trophy winners lists are viewable below (click the img to view it). The complete CQ article should be available soon on the WPX contest homepage. See you again this year with the new CN5W callsign !
Les résultats officiels ont étés publiés dans le numéro de Mars de CQ. Les "top scores", et les "trophy winners" sont visibles en cliquant sur les images ci-dessous. L'article complet devrait être disponible bientôt sur le site du WPX. A très bientôt dans ce concours avec le nouvel indicatif CN5W.

CN2WW: First WORLD low-power (full contest story: here and here ). Again many thanks to Hassan CN8SG for hosting and loan of his nice station in Kenitra.
CN2WW: premier WORLD low-power ( le CR du contest est visible
ici et ici ). Encore un grand merci a Hassan CN8SG, de m'avoir accueilli et d'avoir mis sa station à disposition.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Dar Bouazza Contest Group is born

We are proud to announce that the Dar Bouazza Contest Group (DBCG) is born. Pending our fixed installation in Dar Bouazza (scheduled by the end of 2007), our first activity will be by the end of march in the CQ-WPX SSB, from CN8MC (the ARRAM club-station in Rabat), we hope with the callsign CN5W (ANART authorization pending but expected).
Mohamed CN8PA, showing us the place where the station is being located; next to his metal workshop.
The DBCG is composed by the following members
CN8PA, Mohamed: Our friend and host in Dar Bouazza and a very motivated SSB operator. Mohamed is young and learns fast (he's currently learning CW), so I 'm sure he'll become soon a "top-notch" polyvalent contester. He's also a good "ironman" and can do anything with iron or aluminium - essential for a Contest Group !
F5IQA, Jean-Luc: Although is preferred mode is SSB, Jean-Luc is a polyvalent operator. He has a great experience of both HF and VHF contesting. He is also a fine tech. A real value for the Group.
SV3SJ (F5VIH), Nico: Our Doctor ! (Nico currently works as physician for the CERN in Geneva). Nico is an excellent and polyvalent contester, an excellent "builder" and a fine cook !
F6IRF, Patrick: You have dozen of pages on my 2 blogs, to discover who I am, so I would only mention, that this group and the Dar Bouazza station is a dream that is finaly becoming the reality.
See you in many contests...