Friday, February 09, 2007

ARRLDX - and 10m ?

Unfortunately, 10m is unlikely to be a good band for this year. The picture show an optimistic hypothesis (SSN=30 k=1) for the best hour (17z), where the only opportunities would be for South-most stations, located along the XE-border. With the NOAA predicted values (SFI=75 Ap=5), the MUF is likely to remain around 24Mhz. Of course the 10m-band is often full of surprises, and a bit of E's may help... Beaming both antennas to the higher MUF-zone in the south atlantic, may also give possibilities through "sidescatter" or "backscatter" pathes. It might also be some opportunities for "Long-Path" QSO's, especialy for South-states and West-coast big-guns (between 16 and 19z), so we will keep an hear on the band.

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